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Intermediate Henna Webinar - September 19th, 2020


Welcome to a one in a lifetime and very unique two hour bridal henna webinar. You will unlock secrets for getting that “wow” factor using basic henna elements. This course is ideal for someone who is comfortable holding a cone, has mastered the fundamentals of basic henna designs, and is ready to work on next level details. This session is essential before you begin to construct bridal designs. We call this our “intermediate level”.

Learn how to construct lotuses, reverse negative fills, shading, leaves, symmetrical mandalas, netting, and how to create contemporary designs. 

This will be an interactive sessions with limited seats to ensure each student is able to get their questions answered. I’ll also serve as your henna mentor after the course and provide constructive feedback on your work if you wish to reach out for some guidance. Henna is a journey and can be best learned when we practice often and learn always. Additionally, completion of this course will earn you a MinalBeauty Henna certificate! Register now.

Note: Webinars are non-refundable and non-transferable.