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Advanced Henna Webinar - SOLD OUT


Welcome to a once in a lifetime and very unique two hour bridal henna webinar for advanced henna artists. You will unlock secrets into constructing a perfect bridal design. This level is ideal for any advanced henna artist who is looking to step up their henna skills. If you’ve worked on several brides already, but need some inspiration or ideas to keep your work fresh, this class is for you!


Learn how to strategically work on symmetry, placement, all while making sure the design “flows”. Where to start a design, how to do a wrap around design, work with inspiration, how to position the hands while working, and much more will be covered in this webinar.


This will be an interactive session with very limited seats to ensure each student is able to get their questions answered. Additionally, I look forward to working on our henna journeys together by offering a partnership where we can offer constructive feedback to each other on our work and share the wealth of expertise in the room even beyond the duration of the course. Get MinalBeauty certified and take the next step toward elevating your henna skills. Register now!


Note: Webinars are non-refundable and non-transferable.